One of the few initial steps in investing planning involves risk planning. Getting protected through health and life insurance is not enough. You need to create sufficient fund so as to be financially prepared for any emergency or risk. Unless you have a well-planned emergency fund in place, starting with long-term investments may be pointless.


An emergency may arrive uninformed and may need immediate action. There could be a temporary financial setback to one’s earning capacity due to a medical emergency, job loss, etc. In such scenarios, one may have to arrange money to cope up with the financial crisis.

An emergency fund is not for meeting your planned goals, but only to act as a safety net.

We never know what the future has in its fold. It is hence advisable to be best prepared for it. Planning for an unknown Risk is extremely important so you are always prepared to deal with what life brings along.

At Dhanashree Multiplier we help you to create wealth for future Risks. We ensure that this fund becomes one of your highest savings priorities.


  • We help you to calculate your monthly income and expenses. We help you track your spending both essential and non-essential
  • We help you to set your financial goals including emergency funds for risk. This fund covers three to six months worth of realistic living expenses.
  • We help you to develop a plan to start saving for the Risk Fund.
  • We help you to define assets to invest your risk fund in an accessible and liquid account