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In my 15 years of research & discovery about money, I realised that either people are working forcefully or wishfully.

Research says that 95% of the population comes under the bracket of 'forceful working' while only 5% of the people are working because they love to work. Wishful working will give you the freedom to work on your own terms because you have two types of money tree which give you both, regular and variable income just like regular and seasonal fruits.

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Dhanashree Multiplier Founder
Ashwiinder Singh
Your Money Mastery Coach

  1. Broadly defined as Family, Health, Values, Virtues, Relationship and Attitude
  2. Compassion for others
  3. Understanding of humans and the events in which they move
  4. Appreciation of beauty, truth, harmony, justice, and freedom
  5. The ability to manifest what we understand
  6. The desire to continually evolve (supersede past shortcomings and develop new abilities)

  1. Broadly defined as Wisdom, Education, Experience, Skill, Traditions.
  2. Intellectual wisdom is the quality of being wise, having the ability and power of judging rightly.
  3. It is about following the soundest course of action, based on knowledge, experience, understanding of the whole situation on hand.
  4. Intellectual Wealth would require attributes such as having foresight, being streetwise and tactful.

  1. Broadly defined as Money, Real Estates, Bonds, Stocks, Business Enterprise.
  2. Financial Wealth provides you with the expertise required in our complex financial world, either directly or in conjunction with your professional advisers.
  3. It is defined as financial objectives, analysis of ownership structures, portfolio construction and review, debt restructuring, advice on the technicalities of superannuation, management of risk and protection of your assets, to the smooth and tax-efficient transfer of wealth between your family members.

  1. Broadly defined as Taxes and Charities
  2. Social wealth is how we are contributing our skills and abilities to the society.
  3. Social wealth is a frame that recognizes how families, local communities, online networks, ecological systems and other non-market entities "produce value," not just in an economic sense, but in ways that matter socially, morally, and personally.

Working Steps

Our Basic Work Process

Make a Plan

Understanding goals and planning accordingly

Cost Calculating

Calculating cost to reach the
set goals

Financial Growth

Increase in wealth with time

Success Mission

Achieving the goals

Our Testimonials

Client’s Feedbacks

“In the many years I have known Ashwinder, he has proven to be consistently good with what he does and is a kind and caring person. He always patiently provides answers to the series of questions asked and is willing to go an extra mile to help. Good personality, great service”

“Ashwinder is not only a financial advisor but also a trusted friend. He also has a deep knowledge of financial markets and instruments. I can trust Ashwinder to give me good advise regarding financial decisions. He also listens carefully and makes recommendations that suits my constraints and situation rather than just making a sales pitch. I would highly recommend Ashwinder to my friends!”

“Ashwinder is a very helpful consultant. He answers all my questions patiently and clearly. I would strongly recommend him to all my friends.”

“Ashwinder is very knowledgeable in his field and always shares his insight with his peers. He is even willing to provide his professional opinions when I approached him with my financial queries. To sum it up, he is a great financial advisor who always seek to improve in his field”

“My husband and I met Ashwinder 5 years ago and we have continued to do business with him since that time. We are always impressed by his presentation and his knowledge of the insurance industry. He has had excellent ideas and keeps track of new products and new law. He works so hard to make sure we understand the availability of various investments. He does all of this in the most amiable manner so that even going through long, complicated documents becomes pleasant. We would not use anyone else for our financial security.”